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All our products and inflatable bouncers can be customized in shape, size, colors, corporate image, etc.

All inflatable bouncers are from the AIRFULL INFLATABLES brand and include a certificate of compliance with European Union regulations and a 2-year warranty on both the structure and the blowers.

We have our own repair service as well as replacement inflatables and blowers so you can continue working during the repair period.

We repair your inflatable, paint it, and certify it so it’s ready for you.

At Ventadehinchables.com, we also fix and repair all kinds of inflatable bouncers, combos, and obstacle courses that are torn, ripped, or faded due to time. If the tear in your inflatable bouncer is too large to be repaired with a patch or needs new stitching, we would replace the entire damaged part or canvas with a new one.

Whether you’re an individual or a leisure company, we will repair your damaged inflatables. In addition to fixing your inflatable bouncer, we’ll conduct a general inspection to ensure complete safety. We provide custom quotes and offer an express service available all year round so you have your inflatable castle ready when you need it.

We regularly have second-hand inflatable bouncers in good condition available on our website.

Periodically, we have second-hand or semi-new inflatable bouncers available, offering the same 2-year warranty, just like they were new. Most of the inflatable models we offer second-hand have been used very few times. They result from using our stock for rental during seasons with high demand for inflatables on the same dates, such as Christmas parks, communions, end-of-school-year parties, etc.
The initial investment to start your business with second-hand or new inflatable bouncers is very low compared to other businesses or franchises. You set the financial ceiling you can afford, and we advise you on the best option to quickly capitalize on that investment.

We are official distributors of the registered trademark Airfull Inflatables:

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