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Laser Maze consists of a series of laser beams (up to 24) that are deactivated in groups. Players have to dodge the beams without breaking them.

Spectacular attraction where players will take on the role of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. The main objective of Laser Maze is to reach the end of the course without touching the laser beams to deactivate the safe and win the prize.

Harness your inner skill and test your reflexes in the Laser Maze!

Laser Maze is easy to install and can be set up in a room, tent, trailer, or any indoor area suitable for play.

The system requires minimal space. A play area as small as 2m x 4m, but optimal results are achieved in a maze of about 3m x 6m.

Once the laser beams are manually aligned, no further adjustments are required.

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Laser number

Between 12 and 24 laser beams, depending on the number of columns you need.

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Alarm synchronized with the beams. Sounds when you breaking them.

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Control box

Control box, with key, to control the different game options.

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Unlimited players/teams ranking software with real time scoring

The system can be installed in venues, trailers, containers, or in our themed tent and fits perfectly in Laser Tag centers, playgrounds, and shopping malls.

la cámara acorazada
  • We have an initial pack with which you can configure up to 12 light beams very quickly and easily by combining green laser emitters, receivers, and adjustable mirrors.
  • The initial kit includes the console in the 1-player and 1 difficulty level version, but it can be upgraded to 2 players and 2 or 3 difficulty levels.
  • The system, manufactured in Spain, is delivered fully approved and with the necessary documentation as well as a 2-year warranty and technical service with all spare parts in stock.
  • With the same control console, it can be expanded to 24 light beams.
  • We have designed the system to make assembly and configuration very simple, but if necessary, our technicians can travel.
la cámara acorazada

Special Effects and Advertising with Laser Maze

logo la casa de papel pull & bear
We participated in the 3rd season of the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”.

During an action scene, we installed a hexagonal cage with 128 laser beams, where the protagonists of the series trap the police.

Following the director’s guidelines, the 128 lasers placed on the ceiling are turned on simultaneously, one after the other, creating the effect of infrared bars.

In the spring of 2020, we collaborated with the production company of “Pull&Bear” in the online advertising campaign for the clothing line of “La Casa de Papel”.