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Outdoor Tarragona offers a perfect day of Team Building and Outdoor Training for your company.

We have a perfect and unparalleled environment for the development of activities for your company or organization.

In our catalog, we offer various modalities, highlighting sports and skill activities.
Simply select the theme that interests you the most and find the perfect activity for your entire team.

Do you have a theme for the activity in mind?

Varied Business Activities: choose the one you like the most!

Our wide selection of activities offers various objectives and purposes. We tailor our experiences to groups of all kinds. We travel to companies according to your needs or we also have 2 outdoor fields to carry out activities at our facilities.

Build a Strong Team with Our Team Building Activities

In Tarraco Adventure, we specialize in creating the best Team Building programs for companies, offering unique experiences through activities designed to promote camaraderie, communication, and team motivation.

Team Building Activities by Tarraco Adventure:

  1. Orientation Raid: Teams of 6 to 10 people venture into the forest to complete a series of challenges in the shortest time possible.
  2. Team Building Games: Teams of 6 to 10 people perform various challenges, competing against each other and earning scores for a final ranking. Each challenge will be guided by a monitor. The challenges include: Collective Skiing, Spider Web, Blind Path, Radioactive Field, and Blind Basketball.
  3. Inflatables: We have all kinds of inflatable games: Human Foosball, Gladiator Fight, Mechanical Surfboard, American Track, Sumo Wrestling, Boxing Ring, Circuits.
  4. Paintball: Paintball is undoubtedly the quintessential sport for Team Building. Different teams try to complete set objectives equipped with paintball markers that shoot paintballs.

Through dynamics and activities specifically designed to achieve these objectives, your employees will acquire new skills and strengthen the bond between them. Trust our team of experts and monitors to take your team to the next level and achieve exceptional results.

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