Logotip Indoor Parks LCN
Indoor LCN Parks, we specialize in the design and installation of indoor playgrounds through a comprehensive process that allows us to control all phases to ensure maximum quality and safety.

Thanks to having a Design – Technical Office and a team of highly experienced installers, we are able to build all types of children’s playgrounds in any location in Spain, meeting the deadlines set in the budget.

The wide variety of combination and design of these structures allows them to be assembled in different sizes, themes, and elements such as: levels or floors, tubes, slides, ramps, nets, ropes…

We perform maintenance of indoor playgrounds

This maintenance includes the following defect correction:

  • Checking the proper operation and anchoring of all elements, paying special attention to nets, containment areas, embedded elements, and screws.
  • Adjustments of joining pieces (connections and anchors for tubes).
  • Replacement of defective or worn parts, for example: nets, shells, tatamis, mobile play modules, and platforms are the elements most prone to deterioration from use.
  • Replacement of defective structural elements that pose a safety threat to the equipment.
  • Cleaning of equipment and maintenance of free spaces.

All our playgrounds have been designed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with the European safety standard UNE-EN 1176 and UNE-EN 1177 UNE-EN 1176-7:2009

If during an inspection of a children’s indoor playground, any significant defect that could endanger the equipment’s safety is detected, immediate repair is recommended. If this is not possible, the use of the equipment should be prevented, for example, by immobilizing it or removing it.